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Explore our comprehensive resource library for essential insights on HSE noise regulations, expert advice for both employers and employees, plus a range of informative leaflets on Tinnitus that you can easily download.

HSE Advice for Employers

This guidance will help you understand what you may need to do as an employer to protect your employees from noise, particularly if your business involves using:

  • noisy powered tools or machinery
  • explosive sources such as cartridge operated tools or detonators, or guns
  • noise from impacts such as hammering, drop forging & pneumatic impact tools.

Downloadable Guides

Here you can download useful information leaflets focussing on many different areas of Tinnitus support, advice, research and treatment.

HSE Advice for Employees

The information on this page is mainly aimed at workers.

Noise is part of everyday life, but loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. Young or old, once you lose your hearing you can never get it back. The regulations have helped protect workers since April 2006.